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The Meaning of Timed Designs, Inc.

Technological Iconographic Manipulation through Electronic Disseminated DESIGNS.

technological ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tkn-lj-kl)
also technologic (-ljk) adj.
Relating to or involving technology, especially scientific technology.
Affected by or resulting from scientific and industrial progress.

iconography ( P ) Pronunciation Key (k-ngr-f) n.
pl. iconographies
Pictorial illustration of a subject.
The collected representations illustrating a subject.
A set of specified or traditional symbolic forms associated with the subject or
theme of a stylized work of art.
A treatise or book dealing with iconography.

manipulation ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-npy-lshn) n.
[ French, from manipule, handful, as of grain, from Latin manipulus, sheaf, handful.
manipulate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-npy-lt) tr.v. manipulated,
manipulating, manipulates To move, arrange, operate, or control by the hands
or by mechanical means, especially in a skillful manner.


electronic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-lk-trnk, lk-) adj.
Of or relating to electrons.
Of, based on, operated by, or otherwise involving the controlled conduction of electrons
or other charge carriers, especially in a vacuum, gas, or semiconducting material.
Of, relating to, or produced by means of electronics: electronic navigation; electronic books.
Of or relating to music produced or altered by electronic means,as by a tape recorder or synthesizer.
Of, implemented on, or controlled by a computer or computer network.

disseminate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-sm-nt)
v. disseminated, disseminating, disseminates
v. tr. To scatter widely, as in sowing seed.
To spread abroad; promulgate: disseminate information.
v. intr. To become diffused; spread.
[Latin dissminre, dissmint- : dis-, dis- + sminre, to sow
dissemination n.
disseminator n.

design ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-zn)
v. designed, designing, designs
v. tr.
To conceive or fashion in the mind; invent.
To formulate a plan for; devise: designed a marketing strategy for the new product.
To plan out in systematic, usually graphic form: design a computer program.
To create or contrive for a particular purpose or effect: a game designed
to appeal to all ages.
To have as a goal or purpose; intend.
To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

v. intr. To make or execute plans., To have a goal or purpose in mind.
To create designs.

n. A drawing or sketch.
A graphic representation, especially a detailed plan for construction or manufacture.
The purposeful or inventive arrangement of parts or details.
The art or practice of designing or making designs.
Something designed, especially a decorative or an artistic work.
An ornamental pattern. See Synonyms at figure.
A basic scheme or pattern that affects and controls function or development:
the overall design of an epic poem. A plan; a project. See Synonyms at plan.
[Middle English designen, from Latin dsignre, to designate. See designate.]
designable adj.