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Timed Designs, Inc. Service Rate Schedule

Most companies will charge you Up-Front to design your web site, which can be a substancial outlay of cash!
We think a little differently. Let me explain...

Based on a complete systems analysis study of your web site needs, we estimate how much time it will take to design your site. We then take the estimated total time, (x) times our hourly design rate of $37.50 per hour, to determine the total cost of development. Then we divide it into 12 months, to determine your monthly service invoice.

Monthly service invoices AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDED: hosting, email accounts, annual site design updates
and of course, our 24/7 personalized, hands-on service and support.
We are just a phone call away!

We do charge, at the time of signing our Timed Designs Service Agreement, a one-time, non-refundable
service setup fee of 20% percent, which is based on the total invoice amount for a one year period.
For example: Your monthly invoice is $50.00 per month x 12 Months = $600.00 dollars times (x) 20% = $120.00
one-time, non-refundable service setup fee.

From experience, on the average, monthly service invoices can range from $35 to $150 dollars per month,
depending on the complexity and volume of content.

With this mode of thinking, you can get your web site up and running without breaking the bank, so to speak!

We also offer a variety of third-party services: Web Content Development,
Consolidated Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Timed Designs, Inc. reserves the right to amend service rates at anytime!
Rate changes will be posted on this page as notice to our clients.
This page is an attachment to the Timed Designs Inc. Service Agreement.
Please review and print out this page at least once annually.
This service rate schedule was set on: May 12, 2012

James L. Merriman, President | Timed Designs, Inc. Web Design Services